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And then there was you

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I’d come to accept the world as such.
Do my work, follow my dreams, live with my wife,
all the while not knowing true love’s touch.

Through marriage and birth I settled for less.
I work, pay the bills, raise the kids,
walk the dog, fix the house,
clean the car not knowing life at its best.

And then there was you…

Against the grain, at odds with the world we decided to love,
to feel, to laugh, to be bold.
Each minute is spent with a smile, while we ponder on art,
music, sex, friends… not noticing time pass us by.

We are told by our friends, by the church and our family
that ours is a love that cannot and should not be.
What is love, if not lived, if not meant, if not shared,
can we go though our lives
not knowing what it means to truly feel?

Time will pass, people forget and forgive…

They’ll see us smile and laugh and love,
let us live the life we want,
without wanting more
as we did until now.

Please wait a while my love,
don’t ask how or why or when.
We will be,
you will see,
one day together,
you and me.

Life with love and smiles and laughter
and dance and song
and children at our knee…
the end of our misery.


Written by lonelyyorkshireman

June 7, 2011 at 9:13 AM

Posted in Poetry

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